SMP 3 Pajangan is a public school which is located on Krebet, Sendangsari, Pajangan, Bantul. The school stood in the highland. Meanwhile, the interest of student to study in SMP 3 Pajangan is very high. It can be seen from the number of the new students who have registered.

                 SMP 3 Pajangan was established on March 30th 1996. However, this school began to be used as a place of teaching and learning in 1997, with a total building area of 2,387 m2 of total land area of 6,167 m2. This school was pioneered by Mr. Pardjono, BA, the first principal of SMP 3 Pajangan. First, the school only had one class room with 9 teacher. Meanwhile, the school has developed now. SMP 3 Pajangan has 12 class rooms with 30 teachers and 7 staffs.

                 The school is an Adiwiyata school. It cares about environment. Although at the first time it was a very barren place, but now it is a green and shady place. It makes the school get award as a National-Level Adiwiyata School. Therefore, there are many parties from other schools, both from within and outside the province came to conduct comparative studies.

                 This school strives to achieve its goal so that students become religious students, excel in the academic and non-academic fields, cultured and care for the environment.